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First Aid Training Bangkok in Action

Written By: First Aid Training Bangkok

Established in 2009, we became Thailand’s first full-time CPR & First Aid Training Company to offer international level certifications, in both Thai & English language.

Only a few years later we became Thailand’s #1 CPR & First Aid Provider of international level certifications for combined languages taught, English & Thai.

It all started as professional Rescue Diver Instructors. As a prerequisite for the Rescue Diver course an internationally recognized CPR & First Aid certification was required. We also taught CPR & First Aid.

Knowing the importance of CPR & First Aid Training, we decided to offer our internationally recognized Emergency First Response® (EFR): CPR & First Aid Training certifications to the general public by launching a website in 2010.

We began advertising training, not knowing what response we might get, if any. The response was incredible, and we soon found ourselves teaching CPR & First Aid training full-time.

We trained the first internationally recognized Thai Emergency First Response® CPR & First Aid Instructor, offering courses to our Thai clients.

As our reputation for delivering quality training grew, so did our training destinations. We provide training throughout Thailand and outside of Thailand as well, delivering training in India, Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Maldives.

Our list of clients continues to grow with local and international organizations. Here are just a few of our clients; the United Nations (IOM), The European Union Delegation, The International Federation of the Red Cross, U.S. Embassy’s security force, The embassies of; Canadian, British, Denmark, Ireland, Singapore, Italy, Japan Airlines, Google, Facebook, BMW, are just a few of our clients.

The company has been internationally recognize & awarded not once, not twice, but three times;

"In appreciation for the outstanding contribution to First Aid Training", by the governing organization Emergency First Response® (EFR): and affiliate company PADI Asia Pacific.

OUR MISSION: "Empowering People To Save Lives"

OUR VISION: A world with trained Life-Saving CPR and First Aid Providers in every corner of the Globe giving care to those in need, reducing preventable accident deaths.

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